Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Leonid Afremov

I've decided to move in a different direction for my final project. I was inspired to create an acrylic painting based off of Leonid Afremov's artwork. Afremov's work entails cityscapes and landscapes that are converted into vivid colorful imagery. In the midterm project,  I was influenced to create a self-portrait based on a painting made by Salvador Dali that incorporated a scenic background to create the face of a woman. Instead of continuing with the self-portrait, my focus has now shifted towards making paintings related to nature and landscape scenery. Leonid's work stood out because it was filled with colors and I also liked how he made the colors reflect in the water. My plan is to take photographs of nature around campus. These photos will be transformed into acrylic-based paintings by applying the same technique Afremov used - palette knife style to generate layers of colorful paint.

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