Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Leonhard Hurzlmeier

This is a piece by Leonard Hurzlmeier and it is called "Robber Baroness." He usually paints his women figures with rounded edges and various hues in each painting. He tended to paint women in physical activities or in motion. His selection of paintings usually include women being in social roles. The shading makes it look like the figure is in movement. I choose this piece specifically because I found it very strange. It looked like a grandma trying to be incognito. She is wearing a crown with a white pearl necklace and barefoot. Her eyes also remind me of the nazars, which is a symbol used to repel the evil eye.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Liz Glynn

I chose this artist because she reconstructed the ornate Louis XIV furniture of a historical Fifth Avenue ballroom using modern concrete. The picture looks amazing. Her works have been inspired by topics spanning a broad chronological and geographical spectrum, including the Egyptian Revolution, Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Domes, she goes back to history. 

Julian Schnabel - Rose Painting

Julian Schnabel painted this beautiful piece called "Rose Painting," which is located in New York. She was inspired by Van Gogh's grave when she visited France. Schnabel used broken up pieces of broken plates and wood as part of her media. She then painted the garden and pink roses to signify the scenery at van Gogh's grave. After doing some research this is just one of six canvases that she used to paint. She used oil paint and the size of each painting is 84 x 120 in. As soon as I saw this painting is caught my eye because of the detail and the texture.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Francis Picabia

I chose this art piece by Francis Picabia in celebration for getting ready for Mardi-Gras. Picabia, being famous for his partying designed a detailed painting of two dancers with fancy costumes and splattered red, white and blue paint to represent dance, drinks and music. I enjoy this piece because it is very detailed and expresses a fun and motivational feel. The painting represents a live performance and is located in "The Museum of Modern Art". I really enjoy how Francis designed this, it almost makes you feel that you are in the stands of the play.

Alice Neel

I really like Alice Neel's art work because of the colors he uses and the different details that are in each picture. In this painting specifically, you can see the wrinkles in the boys shirt and pants. Also, the different shadowing from his arts being on his head is interesting as well. You can see the different brush strokes in the whole picture which is a technique I noticed Alice Neel does a lot. Overall, her art is beautiful, neat and detailed.

Arty Gras

"Our Heads Are Round So Our Thoughts Can Change Direction". This quote stuck out to me just as much as the number of dots in this painting. The dots add the festival feel that Francis Picabia was aiming for. I like how his artwork will be presented at the MoMA but amidst a party with a live performance, drinks and Mardi Gras mask. The eyes of the people in this painting creep me out however they compliment each other like a puzzle piece which could signify that they are meant for each other.
Francis Picabia. Mardi Gras (Le Baiser) (circa 1924–26). Collection of Natalie and Léon Seroussi. © 2017 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris

Francis Picabia

Francis Picabia is considered to be one of the most elusive modern artists of the past century. His vast varieties of work included painting, poetry, publishing, performing, and he avoided any singular style throughout his work. He was one of the leaders of the Dada movement which was developed in reaction to World War I. To be in this movement, Picabia had to reject the logic, reason, and aestheticism of modern capitalistic society and express nonsense, irrationality, and antibourgeois protest in his works. He is very relevant for contemporary artists due to his constant inconsistencies, strategies, and eclecticism. 

Alice Neel

The artist I chose was Alice Neel and her painting of Harold Cruse, a professor and writer at The University Michigan.  I liked the contrast of colors and how she made the portrait look so lively with its own feel

Jasmine Wahi

I chose to blog about Jasmine Wahi this week. After doing some searching I came across this instillation she put together in Newark, NJ geared towards feminism, intersect feminism, and overall empowerment of women. I come from a family of very strong women and feminism has always been near and dear to my heart. My mother was one of the strongest women I have and will ever know and I feel like she would have loved the current movement in feminism happening currently...as well as the Jasmine Wahi exhibition. The piece I chose to showcase is displaying percentages highlighting the ever growing wage disparity between males and females around the world. It's always important to have these issues brought up due to the fact some people just may not know. The other one I really enjoyed because of her creative use of medium. I feel like she is trying to show something with the broken glass on a doll body.

Alice Neel

I chose Alice Neel because I found the portraits done by the artist to be eye-catching. I appreciated that the name of the show was "Uptown," not to depict the "swanky high society," but the neighborhoods such as Harlem and Spanish Harlem where Neel lived and painted many of her subjects. Representation is so crucial in all forms of artwork, and to see someone concerned with displaying the identities of often overlooked people resonated with me. As I am working on a portrait for my project, Neel also helped to personally inspire me in my artistic endeavors.

Francis Picabia

The theme of this art show and painting is Mardi Gras. It represents the party, light hearted, wild side of art and individuals. Francis Picabia's art has been know as over the top because of their size, color, or orientation. This work represents it all. The colors and shapes (mostly circles to tie into the theme of the show), and the features of the people are all surrounded by a theme of fun. Their eyes, nose, and backgrounds allow the view to see what they want, in an abstract art way.

Monica Bonvincini, Fire

I chose to write about this piece named "Fire" made by Monica Bonvincini because the title sets the mood for the drawing being portrayed. The aftermath of a house fire is beautifully illustrated in this piece. The black and white contrast makes the smoke and damages done by the "fire" stand out. It's dramatic, eye catching, and interesting to look at. Even something as hideous as a house fire is capable of looking appealing, which I think Monica did well in depicting. 

Alice Neel

I really enjoyed reading about Alice Neel and her work. She has created "forthright, intimate, and, at times, humorous paintings that have both overtly and quietly engaged with political and social issues"

Small Wonders: Gothic Boxwood Miniatures

"Small Wonders: Gothic Boxwood Miniatures" will be on display at The Met this weekend. I chose this piece because it is something that truly takes talent to create. I can never imagine having the skill to carve such detail into the wood in this piece. In the picture are rosary beads carved for King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. I think this piece is very beautiful because of all the detail it has and also what it represents. 

Monica Bonvici- Tempera and Spray Paint on paper.

Tempera and spray paint on paper

I choose this artist because her work was one of the more eye catching pieces. She is also very versatile in the mediums she uses. This piece was chosen because of its medium and I can relate to it. At first I thought this was a photograph with graphic manipulation However, it is Tempera and spray paint on paper. I find this interesting because I will soon have to do a black and white painting
and this re inspired mean on the project. I was contemplating whether I can do the paint in just black, white and grey but this piece is so stunning that  I want to definitely do my painting. 

Alice Neel

I chose to write about Alice Neel because she was widely considered to be a pioneer for women in the arts. She lived and took her inspiration from both Greenwich and Spanish Harlem in the 1930's where she painted her surroundings including the people, architecture, and community. In the 1960's she moved to the Upper West Side in an attempt to "reinvigorate the art world". There she painted artists, curators, gallery owners, political personalities, black activists, and women's rights supporters. The picture here is a painting she did in 1970 of Andy Warhol, done in oil on canvas.

Willem de Kooning

I loved de Kooning's work. It's unique and although it might seem effortless, it clearly has thought and intent behind it. My favorite piece of his is Pink Angels (1945). It's oil and charcoal on canvas which I thought was interesting because that is a medium I am using in your other class and I know how difficult and thought out it has to be, especially with lighter colors like pink and yellow.

Willem de Kooning


This is a piece entitled Attic by Willem de Kooning completed in 1949. De Kooning transferred oils, newspaper, and enamel onto canvas to create such work. I personally enjoy all of his abstract works. Each piece seems to have a balanced mix of angular lines with some smooth curves. I also really enjoy the simple color pallet he has chosen to use in most of his works; black, white, with touches of red and yellow. While painting he would use generous amounts of paint and enamel that in order to speed up the dry time he would blot it with newspaper. In result this blotting led to the transfer of the newsprint. I enjoy how every time you look at his works you can visualize and take notice of different shapes and images.

"Small Wonders: Gothic Boxwood Miniatures"

I choose the Small Wounders: Gothic Boxwood Miniatures. I picked this because it is very interesting for me. I like how it is craved and how it goes back in history about the story behind King Henry XIII and his wife and their divorce, leading to the foundation of Church of England. What's more interesting is that when I did my research about this is that they use a micro x-ray machine and they see the object in hand as a 2-d and the X-ray helps break down what's inside this object and how it was put together. Their work is tinny like 5 cm and you need to look closely at the item to be able to kind of see what's on there and sometimes it's hard to see without magnification. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monica Bonvincini

The person I chose to blog about was Monica Bonvincin because one can tell she is all about detail. The following art piece is called " Fire", when I first saw this art piece I did not think of a fire, I thought of a beautiful place gone dark. Although it is a fire you can still see the tress perfectly and that is why I thought of darkness right away. However, after understanding what the art work is about, I think it is amazing how one can see everything fading and being pulled in by the fog of smoke. I usually prefer art work that is in color, but this black and grey art work stood out to me because it is so in detail and there is no need for color. It stands out on its own.

Francis Picabia

This piece of work is called First Meeting by Francis Picabia. Picabia was a jack of all trades. He experimented with various styles. He was an avant-garde painter, poet, and into typography. After experimenting with impressionism and pointillism, he really became known for his cubism. He was one of the major figures in the Dada movement. I really enjoyed this painting because I liked the guy's nose and his puckered lips. I thought it was an interesting way to paint the lips and the dramatic, doll like eye. I also liked the shading he did on the faces. I also enjoyed the details on the jacket and hair. My attention immediately went to the blue sweater because everything else remained in monotone colors.

Zao Wou-Ki

“La Nuit remue,” which means “the night is stirring” is one of the oil paintings by Zao Wou-Ki. The canvas is 76 x 51 3/16 and was completed in the year 1956. This piece of art is currently at the Levy Gorvy gallery. I chose this artist because he can depict what he is feeling in the painting. It almost looks as if he made the ‘night’ into a tsunami. I find this painting chaotic because it seems as though everything at night comes alive. 

Jasmine Wahi

I chose to blog about Jasmine Wahi. I love that her exhibitions for The Project for Empty Space promote feminism, empowering women, cultural identity as well as intersexuality. This project takes objects/scultures of normally a patriarchal views and turns them into the typical feminine viewpoint. I feel this is a powerful statement about the expectations of women and men in society and the importance of calling out these ridiculous standards. One of her projects "Pussy Polaroid Project" embraces people who are fighting the patriarchy by telling their own stories and hanging pictures of their polaroids in the exhibit. I feel her work is extremely powerful and very influential in this day in age and I really love everything about it.

-Megan McCarthy

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Basquiat Auction

After viewing the film in class the past few weeks and also hearing from our professor (some ranging in the multi millions) I believe this one of a kind piece will go for a large amount. I would say this would possibly sell for 5.5-6 million dollars. Even though this is just a drawing compared to his other pieces, I see that as adding even more value for it being so unique. While it is not as elaborate as his other paintings, having this piece is like having a "limited edition" of something extremely rare.

U2 Basquiat drawing auction

The drawing Untitled (1982) by Basquiat  is estimated to be 1.2-1.5 million. Because of the political climates in regards to unrest between urban folk and cops in the past year, it definitly makes this piece a hot topic due to the artist's past...and his fears. Also taking into account the celebrity promotion, i am sure that would help breed competition. If i had to make a guess to how much of a factor that will be, i say that it would probably sell for 6 million.


i believe that the self portrait will be auctioned off for $2-3 million dollars. Because it is an original and depicts his classic style, people will be willing to pay these crazy prices.

Auction Price Prediction

I am predicting that Jean Micheal will sell this piece for at least two million dollars. The reason why I am predicting this price is because from the movie I believe it stated that his pieces starting selling for hundreds of thousands. Also, Jean has become a lot more famous which makes his art pieces more valuable. With this in mind and since art can sometimes sell higher than the price range stated, I am making an even $2 million prediction.

2.69 Million

This will be sought after by many people, I think its price should be very unpredictable.

Hammer Price

The image which is untitled is one of Basquiat's creations. This was drawn in the year 1982 and is currently owned by U2 guitarist Adam Clayton. It is currently estimated to sell at close to $2 million. I do believe is will sell for more because it is considered to be a self portrait and Basquiat is an artist that a lot of people are beginnig to seek for. But because it is not a (large) painting and it is created on sketch paper I dont believe it will exceed $10 million.

The hammer price is estimated at $3.5 million

Basquiat Drawing Auction

This piece is said to be a self-portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat that contributed to his collection of artwork named "Untitled 1982." Christie London has willingly offered to put this drawing on auction at the Post-War and Contemporary Art with an estimated selling price of 1.2 million to 1.8 million dollars. Considering that this is a piece that was inspired by other famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso, it will likely sell for more than 2 million. Although this drawing isn't nearly as complex or involved as other Basquiat paintings, it still has a lot of history behind it that will add to its value.

My hammer price: 12.5 million


Witht he estimated hammer price being a modest $2 million, it is hard to compare to some of his $13 million dollar sales. I think the fact that it is coming from a primary owner who has fame of his own will factor into the sale. At the same time, the canvas is not a self-stretched one as shown in the film. The corners are not framed with the wood and those were shown to have gone for much more. With these factors address, i think the drawing would go for $8.5 million.

Basquiat Drawing

According to news.art.net.com, the piece is estimated to sell for between £1 million—£1.5 million ($1.2 million—$1.8 million) at the Post-War and Contemporary Art evening auction on March 7, the large-scale drawing is rendered in Basquiat’s trademark visual language inspired by cave drawings, street art, and the philosophies of Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci.  I believe the drawing will go for $22 million.  Although that is high for a drawing I believe that even a Basquiat drawing can go for a price that high

Basquiat Auction

This Basquiat piece is Untitled and it is from 1982. The piece was originally bought by the bassist of U2, Adam Clayton. While a similar piece of Basquiat's sold for $13.6 million, it is estimated that this piece will sell between $1.2 million and $1.8 million. Since these pieces typically sell above their estimate, I believe the painting will sell for more. Also, figuring in the fact that it was owned by a famous musician, I believe that will add to the value of it. I believe this painting will sell between $3.6 million and $4 million. 

Basquiat Auction

The estimated sell price is about $2 million for Basquiat's piece. Artwork tends to sell for a little higher than their estimated. I think that the value of this will definitely be higher. I also think that U2 having owned this and the fact that it is a self portrait adds to its value. I think that this piece will sell for about $10 million.

Dustheads -1982

Jean Michel Basquiat, continues to surprise me with his artwork. Is art work is just so unique and so different to the art work I am used to seeing . His art work conveys so many mixed messages and that is what I love most about his work. In my opinion his art work should be worth a lot of money because you don't come across art work like this that often . And everyone agrees with me because this specific artwork was not easy to figure out how much it should sell for.  The price range first ranged from $25-35 million and one can say that is a high price range to start from, but this art piece ended up selling for 48.8 million in 2013 at an auction.  I know many might think that is quite high for his art work , but in my eyes his artwork is worth a lot more because it's honestly one of a kind. The human like figures that he paints are just fascinating to look at . This specific art work is being estimated to be sold for $1 to 1.5 million and in my opinion it will sell for way more. I  believe it will be around $4 million and up.

Jean Michel Basquiat - Dustheads

This piece is called, "The Field Next to the Other Road" by Jean Michel Basquiat. Often called Dustheads, this piece was reportedly sold for roughly 35 million dollars.This is one of the first  Basquiat's big pieces that he made. I think people buy his art because it may seem interesting, but I think people buy them because his name is connected to them. That in itself skyrockets the prices on his work. Because the drawing being sold by Michael Clayton is indeed a self portrait, usually those pieces of art are priced high. And because of that theory, I feel like even though that drawing is estimated to be priced around 1 to 1.5 million dollars, I feel like it will sell for around 2.2 million.

Blog 4: Basquiat Auction

In an interview with Cathleen McGuigan in 1985 for the New York Times, Basquiat proclaimed " I wanted to be a star, not a gallery mascot". The way his paintings are viewed and sold today has definitely put him in the spotlight. His work normally sells for tens of millions of dollars, his highest being a painting that was sold for 57.3 million (picture above). Drawings are normally in the lower price ranges. The drawing being auctioned off now is estimated to be sold for 1.2 through 1.8 million dollars, I think it will be sold for 2.3 million dollars.


   Above is one of Basquiat's paintings, called Untitled (Yellow tar and feathers). Sold by a private collector, a high estimate of twenty million dollars was anticipated. However, the piece ended up being sold for well above the asking price: ultimately it went for $25,925,000 - almost six million above asking. Although the piece owned by Clayton is a drawing rather than a painting, the pattern of Basquiat's works traditionally going for hefty prices remains. Estimated to sell between 1.2 and 1.8 million, I believe the drawing will go for higher. For a hammer price, I will suggest roughly $3,000,000.

Basquiat Hammer Time

For one, I think that Basquiat drawing are very unusual and interesting to look at. He has made a name for himself in the art world and so its no surprise that he has drawing that sells for up to 1.8 Million. This drawing is very nice and I do appreciate the minimalistic approach of the piece. Basquiat is known for more prominent marks and colors but i can appreciate this. With the hype in the Art world at this point in time I think the Hammer price will be $2 Million .

Jean Michael Basquiat Pricing

The drawing that U2's Michael Clayton is selling is a 1982 drawing using oil on slick paper with dimensions 108.3 x 76.2 cm. Considering Jean Michael Basquiat's painting go for millions of dollars, I am going to assume a drawing will diminish the sell price of this piece. I also think that since this piece seems to be some sort of portrait of Basquait, that could raise it's value more. But on the opposing side, in the interview Michael Clayton says this portrait is different from most of Basquait's works because it is very disciplined without additive words, drawings and color like his usual works. They also spoke about how his work usually portrays explosive confidence that he uses to express himself, but they say this work is the complete opposite of his usual artistic works. I think the fact this work is so different from his other works is actually going to bring down the bidding price on the work. I am going to predict that this piece is going to be sold for about 70,000$ considering the buyer is buying it from a celebrity who obtained it from Jean Michael himself, and the fact the drawing is supposed to be a portrait as well. 

-Megan McCarthy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jean-Michel Basquiat

This painting entitled The Field Next to the Other Road, 1981 was estimated to be sold at $35 million back in 2015. This was a very high estimate. In the end it ended up selling for $33 million. With the estimate of $1.2-1.8 million for the U2 Adam Clayton, I feel it should sell for around $2-2.5 million. Looking into other pieces that were sold I feel that his more simplistic works sold for less than the larger paintings with all the different colors, words, and symbols. I feel the simple stick figure in the U2 Adam Clayton drawing wouldnt have that high of a price compared to some other works of Basquiat's.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

   This piece of art designed by Jean-Michel Basquit reminded me a lot of the pieces I want to create. For my midterm I am creating four canvas' describing the four seasons, but displaying it has my life story and how each season has effected my life within the last year or so. This painting shows emotion, a lot of activity being displayed inside the head while on the outside, its messy and confusing. That's the idea of the artwork I want to express to my class. I find it very interesting to look at a painting or drawing and wonder what it exactly means; this is the fun of making your own story with art.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

'Dustheads,' 1982, by Jean-Michel Basquiat, is depicting two figures that are stoned on the hallucinogenic drug PCP. The estimated sales tag was between $25 to $35 million. In the end, the hammer came down at $48.8 million. The 'Untitled,' 1982, that is up for sale from the U2 bassist, is estimated to be sold between $1 to $1.5 million. However, I think the hammer price will be between $3 to $5 million. 

Jean-Michel Basquiat Drawings

"The most expensive lot of the night was a large Untitled canvas by Jean-Michel Basquiat, dating from 1982...Bidding opened at around $24 million and eventually narrowed to a $1 million-increment bidding war between international head of contemporary art Brett Gorvy, and head of client strategy for Christie’s in the Americas Koji Inoue, who were acting on behalf of their respective clients." As you can see, Basquiat work has a tough fight, Although his paintings are well valued, I also believe his drawings has values too. Estimated to be sold between 1.2 and 1.8 million, I believe UNTITLED will be sold for a price in between. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Jean-Michel Basquiat's self-portrait going under hammer

Adam Clayton is an Irish musician/song writer best known as the bass guitarist of the rock band U2. He is born on born 13 March 1960. A self-portrait by Jean-Michel Basquiat from the collection of U2 bassist Adam Clayton is going under hammer on March 7th. In the portrait Basquiat depicts himself as a sort of Saint Sebastian-like martyr figure for the contemporary age, with a tear falling from his eye and his arms appearing to pierce his body. 
I think this portrait will be sold for 2 million dollars. 

Christie's Auction Hammer Price



Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Salvador Dalí

This painting made by Salvador Dalí is called "Adolescence." What I like the most about this painting is how the face is incorporated into a scenic background. I chose to base my project to this painting because I wanted to create a self portrait with watercolor. Each feature of the face (eyes, nose, lips) will be painted on a separate water color page.

Alexander Calder

Since I planned to do a mobile or wind chime of fish for my midterm I chose to do Alexander Calder.

Arc of Petals (1941)

    Alexander Calder (1898 - 1976) was an American sculptor and painter famously know for being the creator of the mobile. He worked with wire figures and created miniature circus pieces. His wire sculpture were know as floating three-dimensional "drawings in space". I personally enjoy all of his works from his wire circuses to his bright modern looking paintings.