Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Art Nouveau - Aubrey Beardsley

   I chose Aubrey Beardsley due to the description put forth concerning him: "like a flame that burned brightly but briefly." I was deeply reminded of Jean-Michel Basquiat as I looked into his work, and felt that there were parallels between the two artists - who both rose as young, untrained, and spectacularly talented artists and who both died very young. Beardsley was considered to be among the most controversial of the artists in the art nouveau era, due to what was referred to as his "perverse sensibilities."As others have put it, his work "emphasized the grotesque, the decadent, and the erotic." Beardsley work was very much inspired by Japanese prints, and were largely done in ink. In this piece, called "The Climax" (1893), Beardsley depicts a scene from Oscar Wilde's play Salome. A heavily erotic piece in itself, this is just one example of Beardsley's very popular works which were produced for Wilde. Interestingly, although Beardsley was associated with a homosexual clique of artists, and was renowned for his erotic works, he was regarded as generally being asexual. 

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