Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I want to model my new work around that of Matisse. Although big shoes to fill I like the fauve style with the colors as well as the singular layer of space. I haven't chosen for sure but at least it's a real artist so you can't say I didn't try.

Basquiat.... Again

Related image
This is another one of Basquiats attempts to paint music. It appears to be himself playing the trumpet as the crown is above his head and the documentary we watched said he was a self taught musician. that could be why the sound of the trumpet is crossed out because he is making mistakes, however, the documentary said Basquiat did that to draw attention to the sound.

Isaiah Zagar

Isaiah Zagar has these really blue mosiac tile collection. A lot of his work just feels very relaxing, and I think that would go well for me to finish off this class. I want something that is going to push me creatively, but also relax to. I appreciate tile, and pixel art since I used to work with tile growing up and fixing or replacing tile and backsplash around the house. I think this would be a fun project to do, where I can also relax doing it.


For my final 4 projects, I am going to base them off of Friday. I loved how my last project came out with the flowers so I want to use them again but in different ways. I will be using flowers, canvas, picture frames and drawings to incorporate the theme.

Leonid Afremov

I've decided to move in a different direction for my final project. I was inspired to create an acrylic painting based off of Leonid Afremov's artwork. Afremov's work entails cityscapes and landscapes that are converted into vivid colorful imagery. In the midterm project,  I was influenced to create a self-portrait based on a painting made by Salvador Dali that incorporated a scenic background to create the face of a woman. Instead of continuing with the self-portrait, my focus has now shifted towards making paintings related to nature and landscape scenery. Leonid's work stood out because it was filled with colors and I also liked how he made the colors reflect in the water. My plan is to take photographs of nature around campus. These photos will be transformed into acrylic-based paintings by applying the same technique Afremov used - palette knife style to generate layers of colorful paint.

Romare Bearden Final Project

I will be continuing to follow Romare Bearden as my inspiration for the final stretch of the class. I will be doing four pieces as before but this time will be making it much more personal. I will be depicting four different mental illnesses within the collage in order to showcase the conflicting viewpoints within our society towards those with a mental illness. As someone who is going to grad school for mental health counseling and always tries to advocate for the reduction of the stigma surrounding mental illness, this will be very near and dear to my heart. Taking some points from Bearden's work, I will again use a surreal/cartoonish vibe but will also try to channel more of myself and my personal passions this time.

Roy Lichtenstein

Im continuing with my artist and his theme of comic style pop art.

August Edouart

August Edouard was a french-born portrait artist who specialized in silhouette portraits. He worked in England, Scotland  and the United States throughout the 19th century. For the projects leading up to the final I want to paint silhouettes of my family members doing the things they love on a creative background. An example would be my little sister loves to do gymnastics, so I will take a picture of her paint the background and fill her in with black. The next project would be of my other sister juggling and the third project would be both of my parents painted together. For the final project I want to do a reverse silhouette of myself and do an ocean theme for the actual painting of my head.

Thomas Bayrle

Thomas Bayrle incorporates dimensions, which is what I want to incorporate in my final project

Gayle Faucette Wisbon

Since I did not get to talk to you about what artist to do for my final before the end of class Monday, I looked up an artist who encompassed the idea of what I wanted to do. I chose Gayle Faucette Wisbon's artwork for my final. I enjoy her focus on cacti and succulents and learned she went to school and lives in Albuquerque New Mexico.  I want to paint portraits of cacti, succulents and the desert. I chose Gayle specifically because of her use of color in her portraits. As seen in my midterm project, I really favor using variety of colors in my pieces and I want to do that with my final projects. I'm very excited for these pieces and to do an environment I am not exposed to frequently. 

-Megan McCarthy

Georgia O'Keeffe

For the final I am continuing my theme of flowers. Georgia O'Keefe takes close ups of individual flowers and paints them beautifully. I want to make a more positive spin on my work for the final, so rather than dead or dying flowers, I now want to create budding flowers that have freshly bloomed. I am debating on venturing into water color painting rather than acrylic like I did for the midterm. I haven't worked much with watercolor so hopefully it will all come out as planned!

Final: Chuck Close & Robert Silvers

For my final works, I intend to stick with Chuck Close and Robert Silvers. Both artists use grid work to create their final pieces, though Close uses paint whereas Silvers uses a photomosaic algorithm. After dabbling in paint for the midterm project, I think I might be interested in using photography more heavily for this project. I have not yet decided on the theme that this last project will take, but I think that I will continue to use portraits as Close and Silvers both do.

Rene Magritte Final Project

I want to change my final art project person to Rene Magritte. After seeing works that Victoria did on her midterm, I loved the way she based her works off of hers. For my final project, I want to base it all around my favorite singer: Luke Bryan. I would love to make my final piece similar to the one above except it would be Luke looking out into a crowd during a concert.

Mads Perch: Projection Photography

Mads Perch is a well know projection artist who projects mesmerizing images onto his subjects. I chose his work because he has the best examples of what I have in mind for my final project. This piece projects what seems to be the universe onto his subject. However, my concept was an original idea that I wanted to pursue. I named my body of work Misguided Projections. With the concept I will be projecting different images that gives insight on a certain topics such as depression and anxiety.

Tom Wesselmann

I chose Tom Wesselman because I really enjoy his pop art, it so simple but yet so different. I love how he takes advantage of bright colors because you don't really see that anymore. He also is one to have a main theme throughout his work, but he does it in a way that is not obvious. What inspired me most about him is his pop up art and that is the goal for my final project. For my final project I am looking to paint fruit, so I want to do it in such a way that it pops out at you and it looks some what three dimensional and that is why I am using him as an inspiration.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rembrandt Etchings

For my final, I am going to stick with Rembrandt's etchings as my inspiration for my pen and ink. I think I will continue with pen and ink because I do not want to experiment with a media I am unfamiliar with. However, for my midterms I did more close-up, detailed images whereas for the fourth piece I did a more larger scale of a cityscape and like the way it turned out so I may go in that route for my final. I like the way this particular etching called "View of Amsterdam" is a more further back view of a city and therefore not as detailed, yet still complete.

Final Artist

"The Son of Man" by Rene Magritte is a really cool surrealistic piece that I found. He painted it as a self portrait. He is known for being one the most well known surrealist painters in the world. He is also known for being witty and thought provoking images. This image sort of went along with what I want to do for my final. One of my favorite bands (twentyonepilots) has a song called, "We Don't Believe What's on Tv." They also wear these red suits on stage. So I was planning on drawing a man with a red suit and a tv as a head with color bars on the screen.

Gabriel Dawe

I really like how Gabriel Dawe uses string as his media. However, I do not want to create an installation like this. I want to do a one-dimensional view of string art instead. So I was thinking of using wood canvas and attaching the string onto it. I do not know the type of theme yet or what I would like to create.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Giorgio De Chrico

I am going to continue on the theme of Giorgio De Chirico. I like his work a lot and now that I am getting used to painting houses so hopefully I will do much better paintings on the final project.

Image result

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Damien Hirst: The Immaculate Heart

This piece by Hirst is called "The Immaculate Heart." I like it not only because it is pretty, but because of the way I interpreted it. An innocent heart (white symbolizing purity), is being weighed down/hurt, but continues to prevail - hence the wings.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Damien Hirst

This piece is called "The Incredible Journey" that was made in 2008 by Damien Hirst. As you can see, this installation consists of a zebra submerged in formaldehyde solution. Mr.Hirst's work is very unique and I appreciate mainly because it captures a stationary position/ still-life moment of an animal that you wouldn't typically see. His work allows to me visualize the details of the zebra up close without any direct contact or interaction. 

Holy cow

Its a cow and chicken being preserved in fluid, but it reminds me of the chinese zodiac. I don't think its fair that the rooster is being ignored in the title, since it is above the cow. Also, i feel like it may be a comment on the agricultute industry, since its preserving things that may be seen as a dying thing such as family farms. Or a constant thing, like food. Maybe its just a comment on how bad eating preserved foods are...or why i think rooster and cow in framaldahyfe  remind me of food.

‘What Goes Up Must Come Down’

  I like pieces of art that are more than just static objects. Damien Hirst was a master of making unique works that were always incredibly clever. This piece is interesting and also has a great name to back it up.

Holy Cow

I liked the separation of the mother and child and how perminant it was. I thought it was visually attractive because it's so rare we see some of these animals in liquid so clearly. It's unnatural but I enjoyed the weird nature of the pieces. The shark was an animal that is intimidating but when shown in this way it takes its power away.

For the love of god

For the love of god is a piece by Damien Hirat. It is made of diamonds, pearls, and human teeth. I like odd objects and materials but human teeth is CRAZY. I can't help but wonder how he got them....  it was sold for 50€ million to an unknown buyer who paid all cash.

Damien Hirst- The Kingdom

Hirst’s The Kingdom is a sculpture, created in 2008, with a tiger shark, glass, steel, silicone and formaldehyde solution combined with steel plinth. This piece was also sold at famous Sotheby’s auction in 2008. The piece was sold for $15,300,000.

Damien Hirst

All of Hirst's pieces are truly amazing. How he preserves all different species is so unique and appealing to the eye. I chose this one of a sheep because to me this peice has more than just an artistic purpose. Being able to see the entire inner anatomy of the sheep as well makes almost serves some sort of scientific purpose. His pieces are intriguing to look at and analyze. He captures the beauty of nature and all who inhabit it. 

Damien Hirst

overview As someone who is amazed by anatomy, I really like how Damien Hirst uses science as art. Many people would not see the beauty in a preserved sample, however, addition of a horn to this horse makes it a unicorn. The cases the samples are displayed in and the blue dye in the formaldehyde have given Hirst work its own unique look.

Mickey (Damien Hirst )

I chose this picture because I am a Disney fanatic. Damien Hurst was asked to make an artwork of Mickey and this is the result. What I really enjoy about this art work is that instead of drawing Mickey he uses shapes to form Mickey and it is just phenomenal how shapes put together can make an actual image. It may be very plain and simple,  but it looks perfect just like that. As one sees the artwork it is instantly recognizable since he is such a powerful icon.There was a reason why he chose to do shapes and the reason is that Disney is all about children and shapes are something children can relate to and understand. I love it !

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst created his first spot painting in the mid-1980s. He claims to have only painted the first few dozen himself leaving the rest for his assistants. These paintings look like they have be painted by a machine due to the layout and color schemes. The spots range from the sizes of pinholes to 60 inches across. The piece above was taken from his pharmaceutical collection. Each piece in this collection is named after chemicals. The only commonality that I could find between the chemicals and the paintings were a sense of artificialness. The drugs that he used are not naturally found in nature and the grid like paintings seem to lean towards machine/human production than natural production.

The Incredible Journey

This piece by Hirst is called "The Incredible Journey." I chose this piece because I thought it was very compelling. Rarely ever do we get to look at an animal such as a zebra up close where we are able to observe every detail. I also think Hirst's style is very different and unlike any other other artist. I also like the complexity of some of his pieces and the simplicity of some of his other pieces.

Damien Hirst - "Schizophrenogenesis"


I chose to blog about the exhibition "Schitzophrenogensis" by Damien Hist. This exhibition features 30 pharmaceutical inspired prints and corresponding sculptures. He replicates and sculpts each piece beautifully, where you an see the simplistic and minimalistic beauty and an interesting spin on an interesting art subject. I love that the pieces are oversized. He tries to create a fun twist on a controversial subject. He studies the consistencies in many of his works between science and pharmaceuticals. I enjoyed this piece because I am a nursing major and pharmaceuticals is something I deal with frequently. 

When i researched I found out Damien Hist has a restaurant in Notting Hill, London called "Pharmacy" opened in 1998, which is themed as a pharmacy, often even mistaken for one, featuring pharmaceutical names and pill bottles on display. He opened "Pharmacy 2", a new restaurant in London in 2016. 

-Megan McCarthy


overviewI find it very interesting how such a scientific theme carries such titles like "because I can't have you I want you" I wonder why he named them so.

Damien Hirst

I chose the piece "Killing Time" by Damien Hirst, created in 2008 because it intrigued me in various ways. While I was looking through all of his work, this one seemed very different. He loves to sculpture animals in his art however, this one has more of a plain feel. Its very relatable; which pulls your mind to start thinking about what the meaning could be behind it. Inside the box figure is a desk, chair and water bottle; with that it resembles an area for work. It can encourage the idea of an enclosed area and how sometimes people may feel claustrophobic while they work or that they feel a need to escape within their job. I enjoy this piece very much and felt it was most appropriate to blog.

Hirst- Some Comfort Gained from the Acceptance of the Inherent Lies in Everything

I chose this piece by Hirst because it is, to me, the most interesting. A bull and a cow are sliced equally and placed interchangeably to create this piece. Focusing on the idea that, "there is no ontological difference whatsoever between the human and the animal", Hirst, I believe, is trying to show that we are all indeed the same no matter the species. A bull and a cow are from the same families but broken down and showcased, one can't spot differences between them (the usual lay person).

Hirst - The Pursuit of Oblivion

Hirst's piece is on the left, and is called "The Pursuit of Oblivion." It was made by Hirst in 2004. I find the artist's use of formaldehyde tanks to be an incredibly interesting medium in general, but I gravitated towards this piece because it seemed to have more parts than the other pieces I saw. I found out that this piece is actually a recreation of 'Painting,' a painting done in 1946 by Francis Bacon (pictured above to the right). In Bacon's painting, the artist's crucified figure was represented by two sides of beef submerged in a tank containing live fish. A cow's head and an umbrella were amongst the apparently symbolic objects added to the painting. Hirst's work does an interesting job of creating a modern twist on this work using his own medium. I also find it interesting that he's taken the concept of crucifixion, and focused instead on referring to a more artistic "oblivion." 

Damien Hirst

This piece by Damien Hirst is titled "Cock and Bull". The piece is seen is Mark Hix's hot spot called "The Tramshed" which is a popular restaurant (featuring a downstairs art gallery every 6 weeks) in London. The piece claims to bring light and an artistic vibe to the restaurant. I like this piece because I thoroughly enjoy how creative and unique Hirst's "Natural History" series is. Also, the location of this piece is fun since people can eat a piece of pork and see the literal animal that gave him/her the pork they are eating.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hirst- SHARK

This piece by Damien Hirst is called The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, created in 1991. This is a 13ft Tiger Shark preserved in formaldehyde weighing over 20 tons. He named this piece with the idea in mind on how to describe death to himself. He wanted to make something that was real enough to frighten the viewer. So I liked this piece because I am afraid of the ocean because 90% of it is unknown. Sharks are a part of said ocean. Therefore they are scary creatures of the water. Even though I fear sharks, I have a love for shark week and found this piece to be intriguing. I have not seen anything like this before. It would be interesting to stand in front of it to see the inside of the shark. 

Hirst: Killing Time

Killing Time
2134 x 3048 x 2134 mm | 84 x 120 x 84 in
I like this piece for a number of reasons. This piece has one of Hirst prominent themes which is the encasement of an object. In this cube there is a desk, chair, water bottle, watch, red & blue pill and a glass of water. I find this intriguing because it reminds me of people who works in a cubicle. Working in this kind of environment is often static and feels like a closed both. This work reflected that setting. Additionally the work was title Killing time, and I do believe that for many its killing time doing something they don't love.

Damien Hirst

"The Dream" is another one of pieces created by Damien Hirst (2008). I chose this installation because it looks like a unicorn, however he could've just put an artificial horn on a horse. I find it interesting that the animals don't have the distinct colors that makes them look alive. Overall, I find his work amazing and a little bit creepy.

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst British artist who shocked and surprised the art world with his unusual works, including glass displays of dead animals and medicine cabinet sculptures. I think he has amazing work and it's really cool. This is called "Mother and Child Divided," an installation piece that featured a bisected cow and her calf displayed in four vitrines, or glass cases, filled with formaldehyde.