Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Damien Hirst - "Schizophrenogenesis"


I chose to blog about the exhibition "Schitzophrenogensis" by Damien Hist. This exhibition features 30 pharmaceutical inspired prints and corresponding sculptures. He replicates and sculpts each piece beautifully, where you an see the simplistic and minimalistic beauty and an interesting spin on an interesting art subject. I love that the pieces are oversized. He tries to create a fun twist on a controversial subject. He studies the consistencies in many of his works between science and pharmaceuticals. I enjoyed this piece because I am a nursing major and pharmaceuticals is something I deal with frequently. 

When i researched I found out Damien Hist has a restaurant in Notting Hill, London called "Pharmacy" opened in 1998, which is themed as a pharmacy, often even mistaken for one, featuring pharmaceutical names and pill bottles on display. He opened "Pharmacy 2", a new restaurant in London in 2016. 

-Megan McCarthy

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