Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Art Nouveau: Decorative, Stain-glass and Stories.

Angel Of The Resurrection by Louis Comfort Tiffany  

Art Nouveau is definitely a new type of art for me. I have been well familiar with the style but was not familiar with the official terms. after reading about it I tried to find the simplest way to describe it and the ultimate example that i am a fan of. Hence I find "decorative art" and stained glass window to be most appropriate context for me. I chose this stain glass piece from Louis Tiffany, which i am familiar with. I have always love and been of stained glass window. I believe that the intricate details that it entails is one of the great beauty to be found in some of the world most know places. The Vatican, to local Catholic churches and Shrines, it's all beauty and is impossible to ignore the rich stories they hold. These pieces do hold a decorative value but for me it goes even far beyond decoration and more importantly the value they hold in stories of history.   

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