Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Georgia O'Keeffe- Multi Layer Flower

Georgia O'Keefe Painting of the Red Canna was eye catching and seemed familiar. However when I saw the pictures of her it really made me curious because i was sure i saw that photography style before. After reading further I then realize that the photograph was taken by her husband Alfred Stieglitz. He is very famous and plays a significant role in the early days of photography. However, I chose this piece because of it multilayered facet. It literally is a multilayer representation of a flower at a close up. Then there is the argument that it seems like a female genitalia, which the artist have denied. But the most interesting part of this piece is the colors and its softness in appearance. Red is of course a fiery color and in some parts it does look that way how she still manages to maintain that soft appearance and appeal of a flower.

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