Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Blog: Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle's conceptual project is known to "plumb the depths of human relationships, fears, and desires." This specific exhibit, I believe, was successful in that she hit all of those points. It was creative in that each small piece was thought through. For example, putting it in a secretary, a funeral program (that doubles as a press release), and the concept of bury your secrets in the grave is all unique. 

Personally, I do not believe I would have attended this event. It rubs me the wrong way that it is in a graveyard, but at the same time it makes sense. I don't necessarily think it is "disrespectful" to have it there, but at the same time I kind of do. I do think it is kind of poetic in a dark way. It is a therapeutic way to take weight off some peoples shoulders, for others it is for fun. I think that, conceptually, it makes sense to have it in the cemetery.  It provides the proper ambiance. I respect the artistry behind it, it is just not something I would do. 

Secrets to the grave

After reading this article, I was intrigued to learn about this style of art introduced by Sophie Calle. It's a great way for people to bury their secrets in a literal sense. Her work is significant through it's collaborative efforts and holds meaning to every person who shared a secret to the grave. I love the idea and I would definitely like to contribute one my secrets into the collection. Overall, Sophie Calle's artwork is therapeutic because it reassures the participants that their most deepest darkest secret will RIP. 

Secrets of the grave

I think the idea Sophie Calle created is creative while also disrespectful.  Burying someone isn't a happy uplifting event and I feel that she is disrespecting the dead by using a graveyard as an art piece.   People go to graveyards to respect their loved ones and remember the good times they once had.  I personally believe that people who have problems and need a tombstone and a letter to make themselves feel better need to find somewhere else to do it.

Here Lie the Secrets of The Visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery

Sophie Calle is a 63- year old French artist who recently had an event at the Green-Wood Cemetery called " Here lie the secrets of the visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery". During this event the visitors had the opportunity to speak to Calle about their deepest, darkest secrets where she vowed never to speak of it. They had an opportunity to bury their secrets.

Last confessions

Similar aspect to religious processes like confession. Theres sort of an art to it where I feel differently  when looking at multiple angles of chair and trees. This particular I photo is a little eery and lonesome

Final Post

I think this interactive peice is amazing. It leaves viewers at peace with themselves and their demons and for that i think endless praise is deserved. Art is about the reaction and when the reaction can be so personal it moves viewers to tears, an artist has done something incredible.

One Foot Out the Door, One Foot in the Grave

             This is a really great idea Sophie Calle created that follows some her previous themes that were unique and very interesting. Her works I believe are not groundbreaking but interesting enough that would grab enough attention from from average people to big name people who were affiliated with some of the famous people that reside in the graveyard like Jean-Michel Basquiat. Also I forgot my plaster so I should get it.