Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lifestyle Wars

     I chose this piece by Giese because I found the story behind it to be very inspiring. The background of this art was originated in the desert of Utah. This art was made after the work of ants, expressing their fiercely matriarchal communities. He states how the role of a male ant become drones and their sole purpose is to inseminate and then shortly die after. I think it is super interesting how this pattern is traveling in several different directions reminding me of ant families. Ants resemble team work and when I look at this piece it reminds me of a figure being built to create a larger mechanical object. I really enjoyed the artwork and Giese's creative imagination.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Cj Hendry is a modern artist. She is not only modern because of her work but also because she is a woman. Back then, art was mostly done by men. It had to be fancy and persist. These things and others have changed the face of art. Art has become more casual over the years, letting the artist decide what they want to do and how they want to do it. This piece is really cool because its a couple different art work in one. 3D plate, extreme details with the pineapple and then her. Artists don't typically go into their work, but she does. 

Toshio Saeki

The artist I chose was Toshio Saeki. The 72-year-old artist, who some have christened the “Godfather of Japanese Erotica,” has lived in the Japanese mountains since the 1980s, when he left Tokyo to escape its bubble economy. Today, still actively working, Saeki has published 21 monographs of his erotic art, for which he’s earned acclaim and exhibitions all over the world.  In this particular piece I like how the expression of the male object is unmoved in each position while the women is trying to get his attention.  It could also mean that he is paralyzed by her actions and that the women has most of the control in situations like that.

Koons and Balloons

   I chose this piece because I thought this was a very creative way to design a piece of art. I enjoy how the artist made it look very shiny and from far away it easily looks like it is balloons. This piece is nice but it is also very unique and I enjoyed being able to read about it and viewing the dedication that was put into this. I also like the color that was chosen to design this piece. The yellow is very striking and attracts the eye very well.

Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons caught my attention right away, I have always been a fan of balloon art since my childhood. I just love the fact how people are able to turn a a plain balloon into basically anything. What stands out the most about this balloon art is the fact that it is gold and it is a bigger size than usual. If I was to see this as a child I would have gone crazy and still today seeing this balloon art still brings me happiness. As soon as one sees this balloon art they are brought back to their childhood and it make this piece of art that much more enjoyable.

CJ Hendry

I chose to write about CJ Hendry because she chose to promote her artwork via Instagram, an app I use on the daily. Her instagram account by the name of The Cool Hunter received a lot attention and commission from different artists, galleries, and brands. Although her technique with the use of pen and paper is common, her work is brilliant to look at it and resembles photorealistic black and white images. In particular, I found this 100$ note of Kanye to be hilarious because this work completely represents what kind of person he is. CJ does a great job of making a photo image come alive. Although deserving, i'm impressed to see a 26 year old college drop-out become so famous and successful.