Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vic Muniz

For my midterm I have inspiration from Vik Muniz. Vic Muiz is an artist and photographer and he uses an  technique to combine both together to form one beautiful piece. He has a documentary called Wasteland, which I watched when I took sculpture 1 at MSMC and it shows the story of how he traveled to Rio de Janeiro's garbage dumps and he made art of the people he saw with the resources found there (including the picture above). I like the idea of using objects people think are not art and recycling it to make something beautiful. For my midterm, I am going to take pictures of recyclables, like cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles of different assortments and collage the pictures together (i am going to paint, color, do a paper mosaic versions leading up to the midterm project)

-megan mccarthy

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