Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blog 3: Wayne Thiebaud

My inspiration for the first half of the semester is Wayne Thiebaud. He is known for his colorful works that depict common, everyday items such as cakes, ice cream cones, lipsticks, and pastries. He uses paints that are heavily pigmented with exaggerated colors. My theme up until the midterm for the semester will be baking items. My first work will be a painting of a baking soda box, except I will be making my own baking soda paint. The paint is essentially just backing soda and liquid water color except once the image is painted vinegar is used to dilute and enhance certain parts. My second work will be a picture of an egg that I will paint with egg tempera. My third work will be either a cocoa power box or a bag of flour. And my midterm will be a cake painted on canvas. 

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