Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dustheads -1982

Jean Michel Basquiat, continues to surprise me with his artwork. Is art work is just so unique and so different to the art work I am used to seeing . His art work conveys so many mixed messages and that is what I love most about his work. In my opinion his art work should be worth a lot of money because you don't come across art work like this that often . And everyone agrees with me because this specific artwork was not easy to figure out how much it should sell for.  The price range first ranged from $25-35 million and one can say that is a high price range to start from, but this art piece ended up selling for 48.8 million in 2013 at an auction.  I know many might think that is quite high for his art work , but in my eyes his artwork is worth a lot more because it's honestly one of a kind. The human like figures that he paints are just fascinating to look at . This specific art work is being estimated to be sold for $1 to 1.5 million and in my opinion it will sell for way more. I  believe it will be around $4 million and up.

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