Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Romare Bearden

         Romare Bearden is a  phenomenal artist. He is know for his collage art work. The way he just pieces things together and creates a meaningful image just fascinates me. It is like he knows where exactly each piece will look perfect. He places everything in such a specific place and it all comes together at the end. Most of his collages are of African American culture and this is due to his roots since he was born in North Carolina . Not only is he known for making collages, but he is known for his watercolor art as well as his art made of oil. He inspired me for my midterm because I was thinking of making a collage along with a watercolor painting for my midterm. I feel a collage will be perfect for my midterm because I am making a collage of something symbolic and I am hoping to find pieces of my paper that demonstrate that symbolic meaning that I am trying to persuade.  As for the water color piece, I hope that I am able to put the right colors together in order to make something beautiful come together, just like he does.

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