Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Chuck Close & Robert Silvers

My midterm project draws inspiration from two artists: Chuck Close and Robert Silvers. In the first image, entitled "Lucas," depicts fellow artist Lucas Samaras. Close creates his portraits through a process of taking a photo, drawing a grid over the photo, and then reproduces each square with small dashes, dots of pigment, thumbprints, or applied pieces of colored paper. Close up, one can see each individual detail - but further away, it becomes a more seamless image. 

On the right, artist Robert Silvers displays his patented photomosaic work, in which he takes dozens of small photos and uses an algorithm system to produce a portrait in a style not unlike Close's. There has been some debate amongst artists if this can be considered art because it relies on a mathematical system to assemble, but I believe it is as much art as Close's work.

For my large-scale midterm project, I am going to reproduce an image that utilizes the styles of both of these artists. I have an interest in portraying the many faces of modern-day feminism, and would like to do so via displaying as many as possible on the face of one portrait. 

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