Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Take on "Bird on Money"

In  my previous blog I explained and critiqued Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting "Bird on Money". While it was not my favorite work of art, it inspired me to try to do what Jean-Michel could not. In his painting "Bird on Money", Basquiat is painting his friend Charlie Parker while trying to encompass what jazz music looks like. He attempted to do this using several shades of blue, peace signs and painting a chicken. For my midterm project I would like to paint what electronic dance music looks like similar to how Basquiat tried to paint jazz. I will do this by first drawing a picture of my dirty Vans which I wear at every festival. Next I will use water color paint on transparent panels of plastic to illustrate the depth of a festival. My final project will be a multi-media work of art that will try to include everything that one might see if they were to go to a rave.

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