Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jean Michael Basquiat Pricing

The drawing that U2's Michael Clayton is selling is a 1982 drawing using oil on slick paper with dimensions 108.3 x 76.2 cm. Considering Jean Michael Basquiat's painting go for millions of dollars, I am going to assume a drawing will diminish the sell price of this piece. I also think that since this piece seems to be some sort of portrait of Basquait, that could raise it's value more. But on the opposing side, in the interview Michael Clayton says this portrait is different from most of Basquait's works because it is very disciplined without additive words, drawings and color like his usual works. They also spoke about how his work usually portrays explosive confidence that he uses to express himself, but they say this work is the complete opposite of his usual artistic works. I think the fact this work is so different from his other works is actually going to bring down the bidding price on the work. I am going to predict that this piece is going to be sold for about 70,000$ considering the buyer is buying it from a celebrity who obtained it from Jean Michael himself, and the fact the drawing is supposed to be a portrait as well. 

-Megan McCarthy

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