Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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     After reading the article, it is clear that Katharina Grosse has a unique take on modern art in her approach to painting structures, landscapes, sculptures, and paintings in the "traditional" sense. Her canvas paintings in her gallery show layering of different vibrant colors that close up seem very complicated to form but as a whole make the painting come together. After reading about how Grosse painted different houses that were abandoned or destroyed I knew I needed to see images in order to understand better. Her use of different surfaces makes her very unique as an artist. There is street art everywhere, but rarely are there abandoned buildings painted over with spray guns. Her approach to painting over dirt is also an interesting use of media and probably a first. I'm also sure that painting in a full-body suit has to be an enjoyable job. I'm interested to see what work she produces in the future since she can paint on houses, dirt, and trees, her possibilities will be endless. 

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