Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jean Michel Basquiat Blog

I enjoy this art piece by Jean Michel Basquiat not only for his accurate depiction of a leg but for the side drawings around it. When I first saw this drawing, I thought it was supposed to represent the anatomy of the human leg since different area's are filled in with different colors and there are words/symbols around it. I noticed that the word "Heel" and "Moses' are written numerous times around the drawing which makes me wonder why that is. Also, I am curious to know why Basquait gave this drawing a specific shoe size. I have noticed that Basquiat's drawing tend to be filled with random objects/pictures but I sense some sort of relationship between all the mini pictures drawn around the main picture (for example, the clock drawn says it's a little pass 9 o'clock while his foot in the picture is a size 9).

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