Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bird on Money

"Bird on Money" was created by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1981 using acrylic and crayon on a 167.5x228.5 cm canvas. The bird in the painting is actually one of Basquiat's idols, jazz musician, Charlie Parker who goes by the nickname "chicken". The words PARA MORIR (to die) and GREEN WOOD are visible and refer to the local cemetery near where Jean-Michel was raised and eventually laid to rest. Sources say the artist was trying to paint what jazz sounded like which would explain why he used blue paint, however, I do not feel as though he encompassed the full beauty of music in this rudimentary piece. While Jean-Michel Bisquiat's story is incredible, I personally am not the biggest fan of his artwork. I feel as though it is childish and all over the place which is fitting to his nickname "The Radiant Child".
american school graffiti andy city 1988

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