Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Katharina Grosse

My first thought while reading about her art was how impressive it was that she makes such beautiful pieces with an industrial spray gun, because i feel that that is a hard tool to use to create art. I'm interested in how she layers her paints on the canvas but still manages to make it look extremely neat and perfectly placed. The use of the colors is so vibrant and eye catching and the patterns make you not want to look away. I really like her works, but I really enjoyed the untiled painting from 2011 pictured below. I feel like it has so much movement and life in the simple pattern of the painting. It adds so much dimension on the canvas.  I also like her thought process of making a filter with foam and cardboard to use as a stencil.

untitled / 2011 / acrylic on canvas / 240x388 cm

-Megan McCarthy

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