Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Basquiat Self-Crowned King Of The Art World

I chose this piece because if no one knew who Basquiat is then they knew of his crown trademark that can be found in most of his earlier work. In the art world you can be anyone you want through your work and Jean decided he want to be on top, he wanted to be the king. This crown, as debated by many, is the symbol of Jean crowning himself. He sees himself as Majestic and though he didn't go to fancy art schools he knew the history of his field. Another thing about this crown is that it is often found in his self portraits, which is a more blatant way of crowning oneself. This crown, and living like a king sent Baquiat to the top of his era and made him a force to be recon with. After all, he did get famous for being infamous. LONG LIVE SAMO.

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