Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jean Micheal Basquiat

                Jean Micheal Basquiat is the true definition of a real artist. His art work is just so unique in many ways. Unlike other artist who have a real drawing technique, he draws mostly stick figures or human like figures, but its so engaging to look at. I chose this specific drawing because I feel it's expressing many mixed messages. I first think its a gang affiliated piece because of the colors that are used and the fact that there are crowns all over the picture.  Not only for that reason, but he draws his human like figure with a sword in his hand and he uses the color red to express blood and anger. My second thought is that the human like figure is  him and it's expressing his own triumph in the world. Something that stands out about his art work is that he doesn't only express himself through his drawings , but his writing in his art work. The words he would write have a bigger meaning in it's self. He will constantly uses words to describe what was going on in the society around his time and his opinion on it. He leaves me at the edge of my seat wanting to see more of his art pieces because he is that great !

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