Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog 1 - Katharina Groose

          While reading about Katharina Grosse, I was immediately brought back to my home town in Queens. Katharina Grosse expresses her art through the industrial spray gun which reminded me of the street art I see when I walk down certain neighborhoods back home. Spray painting is expressed best through multiple colors and that is exactly what Katharina Grosse uses. Back home when people use spray paint at any time it is seen as graffiti, but Katharina Grosse brings spray painting to light in a different way. When people see her work they see it as art and nothing more. What I love most about her work is that when looking at her work you are not sure what is , but that is the beauty of it . She is constantly using such vibrant colors and that allows her art to stand out from others. Not only does she use vibrant colors, but the patterns that she uses in her art are just fascinating. She is constantly using thick vertical lines in her art. Although, I am not a fan of lines or stripes, the way she presents the lines in her art caught my attention instantly. I am not sure what it is about the patterns that I love , but they are so pleasing to stare at and her art work leaves me wanting to see more. Her art work is just so beautiful and has a unique component to it that I don't see very often.  

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