Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Salvador Dalí

I chose to write about this because I found the story very interesting. In 1974, a police car inspected a truck and discovered 40,000 signed pieces of paper from Salvador Dalí. The press said he "killed his market" by singing hundreds of copies of his signature. He realized having his signature would make him money and he was claimed to have signed up to 1.800 sheets of paper a hour to make 72,000$. The article continues to talk about how Salvador Dalí was money hungry and changed his art techniques to allow him o make the most money while doing the most work. He switched to printmaking. Many rumored his signatures were massed produced and not authentic. After this discovery, a lot of forgery of his artwork and signatures caused concern in those who owned his artwork and the art world and caused issues with forgery. They had court cases to prove that the artwork wasn't forgery and that the signatures were also authentic. He caused a ruckus in the art world with his pieces, rumors and interesting larger than life lifestyle.

-Megan McCarthy

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