Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Anicka Yi, Lifestyle Wars, 2017

Anicka Yi, Lifestyle Wars, 2017 
The lighting is beautiful to me. I appreciate the structure of the ant farm, and how well it blends in with the circuitry design. It blends so well, and creates an idea of this interesting utopia which blends technology and natural design/structure. I thought it was funny to think that the makers of that ant home had the idea of keeping the ants happy, and that the lights and technology kind of keep us happy in a very artificial way. I liked that the ants were donated afterwards and not destroyed. I found it even more interesting that the ants were not to be placed back into their natural habitat, because they may carry pathogens...which kind of brings up the imagery behind the art of whether technology or this artificial happiness corrupts us from our natural ways. 

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