Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Margarete Heymann

When Margarete Heymann joined the Bauhaus, it was not qual paying and many of the women students were guided into weaving because it was a "female" activity. Margaret refused to go into weaving and insisted on studying ceramics, but left after a year due to a clashing with her teacher. After leaving the school she got married and they opened their own poetry studio. Her pieces are composed of simple shapes with a modern look, colored with shades of yellow and blue. After losing many husbands and having many fall outs with male counter parts, Margarete founded Grete Pottery where she sold her pieces until it was closed down during World War II. She then move to London where she decided to take up painting. Today all a successful designer needs is talent and determination. Today all an artist needs is talent and determination to be successful but when gender, geography, genre, and timing are against you talent and determination are not enough.

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