Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Here Lie My Final Blog

I must say that this was a great read and like most other articles we did prior, this open up my mind to yet another medium of art. I find this piece or installation to be moving. As I read the article I kept thinking of what is my deepest darkest secret. To say the least, this installation is rather genius and is also a great way to show how art can become intimate and personal. Most art work can be observes and appeal to different senses, some senses more subtly than others. In this process you're surrounded by the natural world and that applies to all your senses but more interestingly this process applies to your inner self. Telling a complete stranger your darkest secret is scary, or should be, but knowing that you can bury that secret and leave it behind in flames, now thats how you get rid of a secret.

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