Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Final One!!!!!!!

I thought this exhibit was quite brilliant and really enjoyed reading the article. I liked how people can feel less of a burden by just telling one person a secret that will just be burnt away. It's like a weight lifted off someone's shoulders. There are a few installations that reminded me of this one by Sophie Calle like the Shia LaBeouf one when he had a bag over his with the words "I'm not famous anymore" written on them. He would have people come up to him and do anything they wanted. He in fact had a few exhibits like that. I think it was interesting do have this take place in a cemetery. I can see the subtle message behind it: bury your secrets away, they will be gone forever. No one will know. I think it was also interesting that she placed this in a cemetery in which many famous, well known people like mobster Joe Gallo, who probably was buried away with many secrets. It makes you think about how it's not just a graveyard for people, but for a graveyard for secrets as well.

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